About The Image: for photography

What we do best:
Photo collection distribution and representation.
Manage photo collections.
Special projects for photo collections and photographers.
Introduce companies and brands to good photography.
Network with hundreds of photographers, photo agencies and picture libraries worldwide.

What we like:

What we charge:
Monthly fee or by project.

• July 2017:  Pleased to be representing humanities photographer Cinzia D’Ambrosi.

• May 2017:  George Rodger Nuba Colour Photographs book published.

• January 2017: Pleased to be representing polar expedition photographer Martin Hartley.

• October 2016: George Rodger Land Rover book published.

• September 2016: ATI is now representing the Sam Lambert photo collection for all enquires.

• June 2016: ATI is now managing the George Rodger photo collection for commercial enquires and special projects.


 Get in touch, I’m in London. Will Carleton  +44 (0)7802437827 will@abouttheimage.com


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