About The Image

What we do best:
• Content coordination …words, film and photos.
• Special projects with photographers.
• Create and write news content for business websites.
• Website re-write – refresh the wording and business message across your existing site.
• Publish PhotoArchiveNews.com

Was your last news item posted six months ago? …nine months? …or a year ago?! Old news or an abandoned news page or blog will reflect badly on your business – best to just turn the news page off or, at least, add something positive once a month …every three weeks for a blog is best.
Your news page or blog is where new customers come to learn a little about you or your company which should then confirm they’d like to do business with you. …We know what reads well.

No news to report? we’ll find some …it’s what we do!

What we charge:
A one off fee or by retainer.

What we like:
Interesting news and brilliant photography.

Will Carleton  +44 (0)7802437827 will@abouttheimage.com 

• May 2019 ongoing: Advised new website build and hosting. Retained to maintain site content including news updates: Transport Dynamics

• October 2018 ongoing: Coordinated website build and marketing for a new framing studio Peppercorn Framing. Retained to provide website content refresh and run the Instagram content.

• Summer 2018: Birmingham Mail & Post newspaper photo archive edit.

• January 2018: George Rodger special presentation box and print published.

• May 2017:  George Rodger Nuba Colour Photographs book published.

• January 2017: Pleased to be representing polar expedition photographer Martin Hartley.

• October 2016: George Rodger Land Rover book published.

• June 2016: ATI is now managing the George Rodger photo collection for commercial enquires and special projects.

• January 2016: Now managing image request and clearance for architectural photographer Sam Lambert.