About The Image

What we do best:
Create and manage online content for small/medium size businesses providing sharp website content and busy social media feeds creating a sales uplift though customer interaction.
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What we charge:
A one-off fee or by retainer.

UK Based in Kent & London
Will Carleton  +44 (0)7802437827 will@abouttheimage.com


• October 2020  – Just started: Website rewrite and Instagram launch  – Illustration agency.

• September 2020 – Ongoing: Website rewrite, branding and social media overhaul Equestrian Centre.

• June 2020 – Completed: Social media, newsletter and website content – Rocking Horse maker.

• May 2019 – ongoing: Managed new website build and hosting. Retained to maintain site content including news updates: Transport Dynamics

• October 2018 – ongoing: Coordinated website build and marketing for a new framing studio Peppercorn Framing. Retained to provide website content refresh and run the Instagram content.

• Summer 2018: Birmingham Mail & Post newspaper photo archive edit.

• January 2018: George Rodger special presentation box and print published.

• May 2017:  George Rodger Nuba Colour Photographs book published.

• January 2017: Pleased to be representing polar expedition photographer Martin Hartley.

• October 2016: George Rodger Land Rover book published.

• June 2016: ATI is now managing the George Rodger photo collection for commercial enquires and special projects.

• January 2016: Now managing image request and clearance for architectural photographer Sam Lambert.