About The Image (ATI)

What we do best:
Connecting ad agencies with editorial photographers.
Stock and editorial photo research for ad agencies.
Direct sales for premium stock photo agencies.
Editorial photographer business overview.
Encourage emerging photographers.
24h image workflow – edit, keyword and distribution.
Photo collection sale and acquisition.

What we like:
Meeting new photographers.
Meeting creative thinking brands.
New creative stock photos.
Large format photo prints.
Original photojournalism.
Proper coffee and good pubs.

What we charge:
A monthly fee or by project.


May 2016: ATI is now working with photographer Martin Hartley for commercial projects.

April 2016: ATI is now managing the George Rodger photo collection for commercial enquires and special projects.


 Get in touch, I’m in London. Will Carleton  07802437827 will@abouttheimage.com


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