About The Image (ATI)

What we do:
Manage busy photographers.
Manage photographic collections and photographers estates.
Find photo projects and photographers for brands.
Direct brand/photographer relationships.
Encourage emerging photographers.
Image editing and distribution.

What we like:
Meeting new photographers.
Meeting creative thinking brands.
Large format photo prints.
Original photojournalism.
Proper coffee and good pubs.

What we charge:
A monthly fee or by project.

April 2016: ATI manages the George Rodger photo collection for commercial enquires and special projects.

March 2016: Having published PhotoArchiveNews.com for over 15 years I am starting another arm to the business concentrating on the work I do with photographers, photo collections, companies and brands. It’s called About The Image and attends to the new era for photographers ….and photography. ATI puts companies, brands and photography together. We are not a photo agency, and we don’t rep photographers in the traditional sense.
Get in touch, I’m in London. Will Carleton  07802437827 will@abouttheimage.com


Purveyors of fine editorial photography