About The Image

What we do best:
Help photographers identify and connect with dream clients.
Photographer business reviews and strategy.
Photo library business reviews and strategy.
Image distribution for photo collections and photographers.
Photo estate commercial management.

What we like:
Meeting new photographers.
Meeting creative thinking brands.
Creative stock photos.
Large format photo prints.
Original photojournalism.
Proper coffee and good pubs.

What we charge:
An initial chat is free and maybe all you need. A deeper involvement is going to cost you your time and a marketing budget.

• September 2016: ATI is now representing the Sam Lambert photo collection for all enquires.


• June 2016: ATI is now managing the George Rodger photo collection for commercial enquires and special projects.


 Get in touch, I’m in London. Will Carleton  07802437827 will@abouttheimage.com


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